Land of pioneers


  • Breakfast at the “La Trobada” hotel, Ripoll
  • Self-guided itinerary with road book to Sant Joan de les Abadesses
  • Lunch at the “Casa Rudes” restaurant
  • Check in to the “Ruta del Ferro” hostel, welcome coffee
  • Guided tour of the monastery and old town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses and the “Moli Petit” mill
  • Dinner at the “Casa Rudes” restaurant
  • Accommodation at the “Ruta del Ferro” hostel


Route Description : 10.72 km +200 m

At the beginning we follow an old railway line that used to transport coal from the Ogassa mines to the Barcelona harbour. Late we cross farmlands and a leafy wood along the river Ter. We reach the medieval town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses.

This small town was founded close to a monastery with a peculiar history: started by an entrepreneur and pioneer female convent, it was relieved by a male community. They founded a town that remembers the enlargement of Barcelona and that now preserves a heritage that has transcended the ages.