The responsible traveler

The responsible traveler

When we leave home, we enter the everybody’s home…

This text is based on the recommendations from a good website: 13 and 31 proposals.

Reduce the ecological footprint

The ecological footprint is the amount of land and nature (crops, pastures, forests and aquatic ecosystems) required to provide us with food, energy and other resources we consume daily to meet our lifestyle. The planet has limited ecological capacity, therefore, it is very important that we contribute to reduce the amount of land and nature “spent” every day.These resources we use to live also include those used in our movement when we travel. That is why, if we know the ecological footprint of a journey (the piece of land and nature required to perform), we discover the tourist ecological impact we generate and so we’ll be able to reduce the footprint of our trip.

How to choose tour destination

When choosing the destination for your outputs is recommended you choose nearby locations or options that take into account the respect for the environment as the Serra de Monestirs route. We highly recommend that, whenever possible, you use public transport: bus, train … because they are far more sustainable.

Making the route up

Finding out about your destination is very interesting. Talking to someone who has already gone, you’ll get valuable information and advice that you may not find in any travel guide. So keep in mind the advice we give you about the route. At our website you can find the detailed description of the route, as well as maps and other useful information. Once you’ve done this route, please write us your feedback, it will be useful to others who want to go.


A good suggestion is to choose a destination where you can share the lifestyle of the locals to enrich each other, being in direct contact with the local population and contribute directly to the local economy. This is the choise made in Serra de Monestirs: accommodations are taken by people who love the land and live in it.


It should be practical you take only what you think is indispensable. It is also advisable to carry a small first-aid kit. You can base it on the tips that we offer on this website.


It is important to know the cultural heritage of the area, to know the customs, way of life… Serra de Monestirs proposes guides to make a good dip in the knowledge of local history. You also have the option to do the whole route with guides who accompany you throughout the tour.

Practice quiet tourism

Enjoy the visit with calm, no hurry. It’s preferable to see little thing and see it well, not many and hastily.You must be respectful of the environment: flora, fauna, landscape…; you can enjoy without leaving any “trace”. Note that the nature, removed from its context, becomes meaningless.

Food and souvenirs

Walking the Serra de Monestirs route you’ll have locally produced and mainly organic food at our farmhouses and restaurants. These local products prepared by the locals contribute to enrich the local economy.Best souvenir that someone can carry from one place is the same personal experience that has enjoyed.